Trop de errands, trop de qtips

I should get some keyboard dots and put one on the F5, because I use it a lot and yet don't have the location memorized on this keyboard. Since it's one of the split keyboard ones, the halves can migrate a little, and hand orientation to body as well as hand orientation to keyboard matters. I'm not always looking at the keyboard, in part because eye contact with the screen, but partly because the cat-guard shelf over the keyboard sometimes collects Quest Items (it's not clutter, I'm using them).

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Car went into the shop on Wednesday and the driver's door was finished on Thursday. They're waiting on parts, but it's driveable again so we brought it home. I'm feeling less trapped now, but also money :\
They'll get the parts in next week sometime; they said "midweek" so I have that in the calendar so we don't schedule over it.

Also Wednesday was another dental deep-clean. After my yelp of pain while maneuvering the anaesthetic, they may have given me an excess of it, because my face was still numb in that place after about six hours. I demanded pity pho.

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I am using an extraordinary number of qtips to deal with my nose situation, so the time to get more is when I open the last known box and put it on the specific bathroom shelf. On the last formal shopping trip, Costco was out of them. (Even though both Belovedest and I had a vague memory of having gotten some recently, but they weren't where I expected to find them, sooo...) So I snagged some on the Tuesday trip.

I decided that Wednesday should include some Dealing With That Stuff At The End Of The Bedroom Hall. We did not follow through. But today... So I was leaning over to see what exactly was in the other side of the cupboard and let out the sort of angry-surprised yelp that had Alex come running to see whether I needed assistance. There, on the lower middle shelf, just out of sight, was the damn new pack of qtips.

We were correct to get toilet paper when we did. We need sneezecloths. The wet wipes are stacked neatly. AND WE HAVE TROP DE QTIPS.

Well, beaucoup de qtips. We'll use them eventually-soon.

Refrigerator: It's about a week and a half until the refrigerator service window. We are still going through the stuff that's still good. I am moderately cranky about this but no longer in a state of extended screaming unless I think about it for too long. It is making food a little harder to deal with because we do not always want to have a thing that is visible, and we also do not want to create leftovers that will then need to be stored.

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Cetagandan Instant Horse Paste, by way of Emperor Leto II, Worm-Centaur

Today I had one of those conversations that you will likely have had to been there for, for several iterations of "there", including contemporary US healthcare yelling, the giddy heyday of LiveJournal and its attendant Main Character Dramas, and late 1990s mailing list fandom.

It is extremely too long to explain or sum up, but that's what a blog is for, right?
My bullet points here get extremely sketchy. Steph is looking forward to reading the whole thing, and I'm sure the housemates will appreciate knowing why the pair of us were doing a video chat and falling over laughing.

(Minor edits for making things work)

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We are probably better equipped than many to handle refrigerator fuckery. The main refrigerator is upstairs, side-by-side, and is one of the fancy ones that does ice and water; it was bought in the time of the ex and was a slightly dinged floor model.

Downstairs, we have a chest freezer that is basically at capacity, and a small refrigerator (but generous for a small one, rectangular rather than the tiny dorm cubes) that's mostly used for soda and other bar-related shenanigans. There are a lot of jars of boozy cherries in there.

Last night we went through the fridge and tossed stuff, and took other things downstairs. Fortunately it was trash night, so everything that we tossed was able to go directly out in the bin rather than hanging around for longer.

A while ago I got some temperature/humidity sensors, small and very cheap, and two of those are in both compartments of the upstairs fridge. The numbers fluctuate from reasonable to Not Good and back. At least the freezer side is not the worst ever.

I don't want to get takeout to weather this until we have enough space in either the downstairs fridge or the upstairs freezer side to take on any leftovers.

Tonight was hamburgers (frozen pre-formed) and fried potatoes. No leftovers.

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It's been A Day.

As related to [community profile] awesomeers:

Dried off the bed after I spilled a water bottle all over it.
Helped catch Escape Calico after she got onto the lawn (again).
Got a covid test, helped housemate when their phone did not work with the form.
Submitted the test site to the map app.
Picked up pills.
Tried several things when one of my car doors would not unlock. (Failed in all the things I tried. Not even the key in the lock worked.)
Tracked down the correct port in my computer-industrial complex to replace the mouse. (The old mouse had served long and well, but the right button was starting to go.)
Tried making popsicles.
Uncovered a refrigerator problem (not cold enough in either the freezer or fridge sides, as confirmed by two of the little digital thermometers I've had scattered around the house). Played my role as the one with the food service background to provide perspective on what kind of a situation we have here. (The freezer will go cold enough, but the fridge refuses to. The stuff that needs the fridge to be functioning is getting used IMMEDIATELY, transferred to the small fridge in the basement, or getting tossed.
Making emergency quiche, to the very experimental recipe of nearly everything that seemed usable.
Let my partner know that the authentication information for the warranty service was not where it was expected to be. Did not blow my top upon discovering that the warranty service will take nearly three weeks to even arrive on site.
Haven't fallen over sobbing ... yet.

I am flatly refusing to drive my car (outside of a dire emergency) until it's time to take it to the fixit appointment next week.

At my direction, Belovedest brought home a 10lb bag of ice, which I've set in the freezer to help in the effort. Yay.

We're all going to be in A State tomorrow.

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