chocolate brownie trifle with toffee chips and butterscotch liqueur

Birthdays have been had! Ev came over for our birthdays weekend, and we all had a generally chill time. Except for Yellface and Meow Meow, who had a few frank exchanges of ideas. Meow Meow seems a bit like a provocateur, who will approach Yellface and then sit there to see what happens being mostly unbothered, while Yellface turns into either an angry boule or a very low slink, with growling and hissing. Sometimes Meow Meow growls or hisses back. There was one exchange of blows, but it was the paw-slapping-paw kind, not anything more serious, so there was no need to intervene.

There was a bit of wind. The wind blew the cover off the pool. Belovedest put the cover back on the pool. In the next 20 minutes, the wind had grabbed the pool cover, and the strings or something caught on the valve to the air ring, and opened the valve. The air ring deflated, and the pool began slowly pouring itself out. Ooops. Belovedest moved it to a better spot in the yard. When we have a reasonable opportunity, and a reasonable expectation of high temperatures, we'll refill.

I found some of the disc binder rings that I'd gotten during the last round of bullet journal type enthusiasm, and have now cheerfully bound up some of my recent adventures in daily log/to-do items. I'm also branching out into longer term sorts of sheets, like my media room project layout, and other fun stuff. I also got some inexpensive alcohol markers, and I have been having fun doing little illustrations. I've also been looking up fonts and previewing them, on , and using that to inspire some of my lettering. (There has been a small influx of "live laugh love" aesthetic, but only a little. I'm keeping it under control.) Occasionally I will post pictures to Twitter.

Monday, Belovedest had off and was reading stuff on the big screen. They came across "How to Deal with Clutter When You Have ADHD", from How to ADHD.

The thesis is that there are two types of clutter: active/dynamic/in-use, and static/in the way/avoided. (And the overwhelm-avoidance cycle.) So there needs to be (at least) two strategies for handling them. The cup you need because you're hydrating while working is (technically speaking) not what I would call clutter, but it is what Nora's housemate's late mother would have called clutter. And then there's the stuff that's been there so long that your brain has stopped indexing it.

So without really planning to, Monday turned into a whole-household cleaning project. I tidied around my couch seat and then spent a significant chunk of time on sequencing, scanning, and disc-binder punching my daily pages. (Honestly those keep me about as far on track as I'm going to get without much heavier medication, and I'm not sure my NP would go for that.)

Belovedest got some things off the dragon-sized chair and then settled in to help Alex with their room. I peeked in every now and again. Boxes and miscellaneous cardboard lined the hall, having been unpacked! Books were being shelved! Clothes folded! Items that had been "decorated" with slightly used cat food (poor Escape Calico, her digestive system hates her) were lined up for washing! Whee!

Yesterday I was fairly flattened, but did manage to get out to pick up prescriptions. I'm vaguely hopeful that eventually they will start to line up, but right now I feel like we're picking up things on a weekly basis. When I got home, the internet was out so I played clickygames on my phone and then napped.

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Update successful.

My computer has updated without losing my user profile and data, this time. Hooray.

Today looks to be below 80F, instead of well over (the back porch was registering nearly 90 most of the day) but I'll probably go soak in the pool again.

I have other things to do, and the proper ADHD coping strategy could possibly result in me procrastinating the other things and then feeling too guilty to go do something that is only enjoyable.

My swimming attire is missing, and since it was probably time for a refresh anyway, I ordered some. I made it a general clothing order. More black and charcoal grey clothing will be appearing in my wardrobe. Yay.

The CSA experiment has been overwhelming us in green things, and they are all unlabeled/with no manifest. I have largely given up in despair, aside from trying to fish out and dry the herbs. The refrigerator is studded with little bouquets of herbs, upside-down in magnetic clips. I think that every other week is the right cadence for us and CSA baskets.

Since yesterday was so hot, I was having trouble keeping pace with my water. At a certain point my throat was dry enough that water hurt, but I still needed to drink more of it. Enter a handful of crumbled mint leaves (from the herb gallery). Mint water is much more soothing to me. Hooray. This particular combination has an undertone that reminds me of cherry, for some reason. Today, I have assembled all the mints that I could scare up, and put a goodly amount of them in the iced tea pitcher. They are steeping, and will likely be poured over ice throughout the day.

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All in to the chicken watching pool

Having had her second shot a while ago and also having dropped a co-worker off at the airport at fuck o'clock in the morning Saturday, Ev is visiting, with Meow Meow.

My left wrist is doing better after whatever the fuck I did to it in March. Still not perfect, but fewer random things make it burn like burning.

I got some inexpensive alcohol markers and have been playing with them on my daily to-do sheets. Fun, so far, and a good supplement to the colors of the Zebra Mildliners (I have the big pack from Costco with all the colors).

With the summer ahead of us, we got a backyard paddling pool. It's big enough for a few people to sit in. We laid it out not as well as we could have, and the lawn is tilted, so it's not at the full capacity that it could theoretically hold. Freshly filled, it was ... very cooling. I'm still not entirely warmed up, but that was to my advantage because the living room temperature hit 79°F.

It is a perfect vantage point to sit and watch the chickens next door. Steph was extremely amused.

Ev will be going back home tomorrow. She might come next weekend too. She's not sure yet.

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