The terrible child is very soft

Yellface hid in the basement today, starting around the time I opened the basement door to get some fresh air.

There was a horrible hour in which Belovedest searched for her, inside and out.

I was sitting very quietly on the couch downstairs figuring out what pictures to use when posting an internet people search request, when an inquisitive mew came from a lower shelf and out strolled the terrible child herself.


I have also been pricing screen doors.

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Just in time for the start of June, we all got sick. Sore throat, snot, and malaise. Birthday proceedings are on hold until everyone feels more the thing.

Yellface comes out of the basement soon.

I got a 5lb box of plastic beads and sorted them into pony beads, not pony beads, and fancy beads of pony caliber. Also there's a little container of very neon yellow ball beads. I have an idea for a Symbolic Disaster Hat for those. Tubes, balls, and a Ribbon Explosion.

I've been reading. My brain is pleased with that. Maybe it'll recover a little more.

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