Several things, update, etc.

Health: my sleep schedule has been pretty stable, which is a cornerstone of how I'm doing in general. There are things we are keeping an eye on, as well as an active "Huh, that's weird." I am gradually getting a little more of my attention span back from work and commute.

Work: my contract runs until the end of the year. The lease on the building that I'm reception for runs out sometime next year. This iteration of the Borg are currently in the "let's all sit in the same Cube" phase of their plans.

Car: much of the savings was wiped out by emergency crowns. I am talking to one of the guys who might be able to get me hooked up with a beater to at least make me mobile while I save for something better.

Kid: still settling in to the nice software job in SoCal. She bounced her birth mom's car off a freeway barrier, rolled it, and was MRI-ed before walking away basically unhurt. The car was a loss. Her parents are making the process of getting another car into a painful dramathon, and it's going to obliterate a chunk of her savings. My gratitude at her safety is overruling some of my other parental feelings.

Relationship: still with dearest partner, and it does continue to be like a sleepover with a BFF. Except with more chores. My morail continues excellent, and is planning to visit in a few months.

Household: massive work to be done on basement. Recently the bathtub was re-caulked, which should stop the basement ceiling leak. The washer broke an agitator fin; partner bought a replacement. This past weekend we demolished a basement closet so the workers can get the moat installed. It was mostly my partner swinging the sledgehammer and me unloading the bar. Once it's all done, the bar's getting moved, and I will get to set up Sewzb0t on the actual sewing machine table. Whee!

Clothes: I have discovered inexpensive black scrubs skirts. A little bit goth, a little bit punk in that I am re-purposing a thing. I should probably wear the black lipstick more, and refresh the blue hair dye.

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